Pump Operation

Do not operate a pump without having read and understood its Operations Manual.


  1. Always disconnect the negative battery cable before working on any pump.
  2. Make sure all hose joints are properly connected before starting the pump.
  3. Level the pump using jack stands or cribbing.
  4. Install cribbing or support when using 8” or larger suction and discharge hoses.
  5. Allow engine or motor to warm up before raising level to operating speed.
  6. Raise and lower engine speed gradually.
  7. Consult Godwin Pumps or an authorized distributor if operating an engine or motor over 1800 RPM.
  8. Service diesel engines every 250 hours of running time.
  9. Open drain valves on volute and non-return valves after shutting down a pump in freezing weather (ice can form and expand, possibly causing damage).
  10. Take lines apart away from your body in case any remaining liquids spray.


  1. Don’t touch the air compressor outlet line. It can be a hot surface!
  2. Don’t block air flow to the engine radiator (prevents overheating).
  3. Don’t pump liquids with a pH other than 7 (neutral). Internal corrosion may occur.
  4. Don’t pump heavy abrasive material. Internal corrosion may occur.
  5. Don’t run a diesel engine to the point of running out of fuel. The fuel delivery system will need to be bled prior to re-starting the engine.
  6. Don’t open the radiator cap while the engine is still warm.

Godwin O&M Manual

You can download the Godwin O&M Manual here.