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There is no job too big, too small, too late, or too complex – we’re here to support you. Our team of experienced engineers are dedicated to developing specialized solutions related to:


We’ll temporarily remove the groundwater from your site using our extensive line of wellpoints to tackle the most challenging geological conditions. This process know as dewatering aims to lower and maintain the existing groundwater table to lower the water so you’re able to excavate the area in dry and stable conditions.

We offer an extensive line of these techniques to accommodate any dewatering needs no matter how challenging. Upon request, we’ll even obtain the water taking permit from the Ministry of Environment on your behalf.

Construction vehicles inside of a wellpoint
Atlas Dewatering Pumps in actions at a construction site

Temporary Bypass Pumping

Whether your project requires sewer rehabilitation, pump station upgrades, creek diversions or anytime of flow diversion, we can help you re-route flows by installing a well-designed and custom engineered temporary bypass system. This way critical infrastructure projects can proceed with the assurance that our system is reliable and designed specifically for the scope of work. . Our innovative ideas to design the temporary bypass system will ultimately save you time, money, and energy.



Atlas Dewatering knows how important it is to take care of the discharge in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We provide vigorous solutions to meet your discharge water quality requirements and help you avoid any possible fines.

Atlas Dewatering filter in front of a building
A road with many traffic cones along side it, emergency workers working in the background.

Emergency Response

Our team is available 24/7 to address all types of pumping and flooding emergencies. Our emergency line is always open to support your water management needs.

Our highly skilled team understands the severity of emergency situations and will respond in a timely manner to minimize the impact of stormwater and flooding events. We also offer a variety of proactive prevention programs to assist you in detecting, avoiding, and reporting emergencies.

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HDPE Fusion Services

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe provides clients with sustainable solutions to create a leak-free system to avoid fluid loss in the system. We offer a wide variety of pipe to fit your needs.

Our fusion services melt and glue HDPE pipe together creating flexibility within the system. Our specialized crews can fuse together a variety sizes of HDPE pipe for your project needs.

Construction workers cutting a log in the forest
To workers fixing a pump

Pump Repairs & Maintenance

Our in-house field technicians continuously service and maintain our extensive fleet of rental equipment and are also available to assist with your pump repair and maintenance needs.


Environmental Services

We know how important it is to take care of our environment, which is why we use our innovative technology to take care of treating water discharge. Our team will provide you with treatment solutions to meet the legislative water quality requirements.

Pipes and construction equipment in a construction zone in the forest
Atlas Dewateing showing all their products and equipment in a montage with their truck

Rentals & Sales

We offer a wide variety of pumping equipment and related accessories to support your construction needs. We rent and sell our extensive line of equipment including fully automatic self-priming dri-prime pump, electric submersible pumps, heidra hydraulic submersible pumps, envirotanks, and a broadline of generators and portable light towers.