Temporary Bypass Pumping

When there are fluids to move, you want pumps you can trust. Our team can develop customer systems to re-route whatever flows you’re dealing with by installing an engineered bypass system.

This way critical infrastructure projects can proceed with the assurance that our system is reliable and designed specifically for the scope of work. Our innovative ideas to design the temporary bypass system will ultimately save you time, money, and energy.

Bypass Services We Offer

Image of a sewer bypass in progress

Sewer Bypass

Sewer bypass systems are critical in both planned and unplanned infrastructure projects like sewer rehabilitation, sewer pipe brakes and repairs, sewer pipe upgrades, and pump station upgrades. Atlas Dewatering can create a custom bypass plan and system design to suite your project needs while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Dri-Prime Backup System

Maintaining system integrity is vital, and there’s no better way to ensure it than with the Dri-Prime Backup System. This system provides you with independently powered pumping in one dependable package for emergencies including a primary power pack and switch gear for sewer repairs and routine pump maintenance. The Dri-Prime Backup System also seamlessly interfaces with your existing control systems, allowing you to maintain electronic remote monitoring.

Atlas Dewatering Company pumps in a creek bypass

Creek/River Bypass

Creek/River Bypasses are necessary when temporarily redirecting water from one section of the creek or river to another, allowing construction to take place in the desired area.

At Atlas Dewatering, we offer the following Creek/River Bypass services:

  • Custom designs to meet specific regulatory requirements
  • Application for required permits
  • Environmentally compliant equipment
  • Site specific design of Atlas Aqua-Barriers
  • Filtration and water treatment services
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